ASP.NET Barcode Server Control Download

Easily create barcodes in ASP.NET Web Applications with this ASP.NET Barcode Server Control. The controls are compatible with Microsoft® C#.NET, VB.NET, and Delphi .NET web applications. All similar symbologies are combined into single, small, fully-functional, redistributable files which do not require any license keys or activation. All Developer Licenses for this product are Royalty-Free and Perpetual.

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Demo Version Limitations:

The latest improvements are not included in the demo version. These include built-in functionality for UTF-8 Encoding, TLV, Base 64, Data Matrix Auto Encoding Mode, Swiss QR Bill support, updated digital signatures, and .NET 4 Framework compatibility.

A watermark may appear in the barcode, which can cause scanner read errors. For testing purposes, a successful scan may be obtained by scanning the lower portion of the barcode that does not contain watermarks.

DotCode is not provided in the 2D demo version.

The purchased version is fully-functional and does not require license keys or activation. If the demo version is used, it must be uninstalled before using the purchased version.

Linear Version

Download Demo Symbology List

GS1 Databar Version

Download Demo Symbology List

In two-dimensional symbols, the demo watermark may or may not appear. However, in many cases, the text of "DEMO" along with a CR and LF function will be encoded in the barcode. Therefore, if the symbol size is being evaluated, the purchased version should be used.

2D Version

Download Demo Symbology List

MICR Version

Download Demo Symbology List

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