PDF417 Windows Font Encoder

PDF417 Barcode Generated with the PDF417 Encoder for WindowsIDAutomation's PDF417 Font Encoder for Windows is an application provided with the Font and Encoder package that provides an easy method of creating individual barcodes. Dynamic PDF417 barcodes may also be generated with other components within the package.

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About the PDF417 Encoder

Implementing PDF417 as a font requires both the encoder and the font. The purpose of the encoder is to convert the data-to-encode into proper bar and space patterns formatted to IDAutomation's PDF417 barcode font. It is necessary to use the encoder because of the complexity of the symbology.


After the application is installed, it may be accessed by an icon in the Program group. When the application opens, enter the barcode data in the "data to encode in barcode" field. To paste into other Windows applications, select the "Copy Output to Clipboard" option and press the "Print | Generate Symbol" button.

Generating PDF417 to copy to the clipboard

In a program such as Microsoft Word, place the cursor on the area for the barcode, and choose the IDAutomation2D font.

Place the Cursor in the Desired Area and Select the IDAutomationPDF417n3 Font

Choose Edit - Paste to paste the barcode string into the application.

Paste the Encoded Text String Into the Application

If the symbol is distorted as above, highlight the barcode lines and right-click to select "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" and then ensure the line spacing is set to single and spaces are not automatically added after each paragraph.

Remove spacing between lines of the barcode

The barcode after spacing is removed:

Barcode after spacing is removed.

 Additionally, ensure there is enough space in the area to contain the symbol. The symbols are left justified by default, therefore, it may be helpful to paste the symbol into a text box within the document.

Pasting PDF417 into Microsoft Word