FIM Postal Barcode Fonts

IDAutomation's TrueType and PostScript FIM (Facing Identification Mark) postal barcode fonts allow printing FIM and Postnet barcodes on Business Reply Mail.

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FIM Font Overview & Features

The FIM (Facing Identification Mark) barcode font is a special font used by the U.S. Post Office to separate Business Reply Mail from other mail. The FIM font consists of four unique barcodes; each barcode represents a distinctive reply mail classification as defined in the graphic image above.

  • The IDAutomation FIM Barcode Font Package includes one TrueType version and two PostScript versions of the FIM Postal barcode font. The PostScript FIM Postal barcode font can be used in Unix systems and may be directly downloaded into PostScript printers. Binary and ASCII versions are provided.
  • For detailed information on the formatting and placement of the FIM Postal barcode, refer to the USPS Publication 25 or contact the local Post Office Automation Specialist for assistance.
  • IDAutomation provides the FIM postal barcode font as part of the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Font Package.

FIM Barcode Font Character Set:

For Business Reply Mail, OCR Readable Mail, and Courtesy Reply Mail (These fonts are included with the POSTNET font order)

  • Postnet FIM Barcode Font Symbols (print font size = 36)

    Postnet FIM Barcode Font Symbols
  • Postnet FIM Font Symbols (print font size = 48)

    Postnet FIM Font Symbols
  • Postnet FIM Font Symbols (print font size = 36 to 48)

    Postnet FIM Font Symbols