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IDAutomation provides several professional-grade products for implementing barcodes in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, including Cognos Express, Cognos Insight, and Cognos TM1 with flexible license agreements to meet a variety of needs including small company licenses and royalty-free developer licenses.

Recommended Solution:
Integration Options Advantages & Disadvantages Barcode Types

Barcoding with the Java Servlet

Java Barcode Packages
Server Licenses from $199
Developers from $790

  • Generate barcodes on any IBM Cognos-supported platform.
  • Instantly generate a barcode using the IMG tag in HTML.
  • Quality barcode images with GIF/JPEG support.

Additional Integration Options:

The following chart may be used to review additional options:

Integration Options Advantages & Disadvantages Barcode Types
Using Self-Checking Barcode Fonts in Cognos
Code 39 or Codabar
Single Users From $139
From $790
  • These barcode fonts should be installed on each computer that prints barcodes.
  • Easiest to use in any Cognos Application.
Stream Images directly into Cognos Business Intelligence Reports

Dynamic Online Barcode Generator Service.
Prices: from $690
  • No fonts or other components need to be installed.
  • Barcode creation requires access to the Internet or the server.

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