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Streaming Barcode Images in Cognos

Cognos Barcode Font RepresentationThis tutorial provides steps for generating barcodes images in Cognos using the any of IDAutomation's streaming barcode products.

Once the URL generated from the streaming component is embedded, barcode images can be rendered in Cognos reports.

Applications and Components used for this Tutorial

Cognos Tutorial Overview

This tutorial uses the free version of the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, which includes a watermark. After purchase or implementation of IDAutomation's other streaming barcode products, a unique web address will be available that excludes the watermark.
Order the Dynamic Barcode Generator SaaS

This tutorial demonstrates how to insert a barcode into the report through the DataItem. The example assumes a database is already created and that the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service demo URL will be used. The fields for this example include Product Number, Product Type, Product Name, and Description. An additional field using the Product Number, which will be converted to the barcode by setting the D (Data To Encode) parameter, will be added as the last column.

IDAutomation's streaming barcode products may be customized according to the available parameters.

Cognos Tutorial

  1. Design the report and drag the fields to the report.
  2. Click the Insertable Objects tab.
  3. Drag the DataItem to the report.
    New Scalar-valued Function
  4. The DataItem Expression dialog will open. Place the Dynamic Barcode Generator URL into the Expression Definition area and set the 'D' parameter to the desired field. This example uses the product number field from the Products table. The 'S' parameter sets the barcode symbology.
    set up the parameters in Cognos
  5. Click OK to close the dialog.
  6. Go to the DataItem properties and name the field Barcode.
  7. Return to the Report page and drag the Barcode column to the report.
  8. To view the report, click the run icon.
    view barcode on cognos report
Known Cognos Barcode Generation Issues:
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