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This tutorial uses the free version of the Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, which includes a watermark. After purchase of IDAutomation's streaming barcode products, a unique web address will be assigned that excludes the watermark.
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Hosted Barcode Generator Tutorial

Create on-demand barcodes in Adobe InDesign CC using IDAutomation's Dynamic Barcode Generator Subscription Service. The Dynamic Barcode Generator Service will stream barcodes directly into InDesign Creative Cloud applications using the IMG tag to point to a URL from IDAutomation's online barcode generation cloud service.

While IDAutomation offers this service with their Hosted SaaS Barcode Generator Subscription, companies may host the same service on their own server with the Streaming Barcode Server for IIS.

Stream Barcodes in InDesign

  1. Open a new document and select Object - Insert HTML.
  2. Enter one of the Free Streaming URL's, to use for testing purposes, into the 'Edit HTML' field. This tutorial describes how to stream GS1 DataBar and generate Barcode Coupons.
    Insert HTML IMG Tag to add Streaming DataBar Barcode
  3. This example shows implementing the DataBar Streaming URL using the IMG tag <IMG SRC= ""> followed by a series of parameters.
    Creating Databar Coupon Barcode
    The GS1 DataBar Coupon Code Barcode requires the following parameters:
    • Symbology: S=2
    • Data: D=(8110)10014141012345290110100
    • Composite Data: CD=
    • ExpandedStackedSegments: SG=6
    • ShowText: ST=T
    • XDimension in CM: X=0.03
    • Orientation: O=0
    • PDFErrorCorrectionLevel: ECL=0
    • Character Grouping: CG=0
    • Bar Height: BH=1
    • Left Margin: LM=0.2
    • Text Margin: EM=0
    • Code 128 character set: CS=0
    • Process Tilde: PT=T
    • PDFColumns: COL=3
    • PDF Mode: MODE=Text
    • XtoYRatio: XYR=0.06

Multiple barcodes can be added to reports in this manner, with many different symbologies to choose from, such as Code 128, UPC/EAN, Intelligent Mail IMb, QR-Code, PDF417 and Data Matrix.

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