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Code 11 Barcode FontsCode 11 Barcode Font Advantage Package

  • Generate High-Density Code 11 barcodes from fonts in a variety of programs.
  • Contains 4 different Code 11 barcode font versions in a variety of different heights.
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Windows®, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and others.
  • TrueType, OpenType, PCL LaserJet soft fonts and PostScript font versions are included.
  • All Code 11 Fonts require special formatting so that the data, when the barcode font is applied, will be scannable. Over 30 royalty free font tools, macros and plug-ins are provided to complete this automatically.
  • With a purchase of the Developer License or above, Web Fonts are included in WOFF, EOT and SVG formats to easily display barcodes in any web browser.
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Home > Barcode Fonts > Code 11 Barcode Font Advantage Package

Code 11 Barcode Information

  • High Density Code 11 barcodeThe Code 11 barcode is a high-density numeric barcode that requires a checksum to be calculated, and can sometimes be difficult to apply for non-programmers. For those who may want an easier-to-use numeric barcode, consider the IDAutomation Codabar Barcode Font, which does not require checksums to be calculated.
  • The symbology of the Code 11 barcode character set consists of symbols representing the numbers 0-9, a dash symbol, the start character and the stop character. In the code11 barcode font, the parentheses are used as start and stop characters.

Support for Code 11 Fonts Download Demo of Code 11 Fonts Order Code 11 Fonts Now

Code 11 Features

  • Order Code 11 Barcode Fonts and Download Immediately After Purchase Code 11 barcode fonts are scalable and should be printed at the correct font size to suit the application and barcode scanner. The Code 11 barcode font was designed to be printed at a minimum font size of 12 points; however, it can print smaller point sizes if the printer and barcode scanner support it. Four versions of the Code 11 barcode fonts are provided to support different height/width requirements. For more information, refer to the Code 11 Barcode Specifications.
  • The following is sample code for Visual Basic 6 that selects the Code 11 barcode font and size.
        Printer.FontName = "IDAutomationC11S"
        Printer.FontSize = 12
        Printer.Print variable
  • TrueType fonts are supplied in PC and Mac format. The TrueType TTF fonts are compatible with Mac OSX and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Pocket PC.
  • The Developer License grants the right to convert IDAutomation Code 11 fonts to other formats as necessary including TrueDoc and OpenType.
  • Also included are two PostScript versions of the Code 11 barcode fonts. Binary and ASCII versions of PostScript are also provided.

Font Tools & Checksum Calculations

To help users integrate Code 11 barcodes into applications, IDAutomation provides Code 11 checksum calculations in the following font tools:

Purchase of the Code 11 Fonts Allows Free Use of Our Font Encoder Tools

In this example, the data to be encoded is "21435" with one check digit, which is a modulo 11 checksum.

  1. Determine the weights of the numbers to be encoded, starting from the right side of the number and working to the left. Then, multiply the number of the barcode by the weighting and add these together as in the example:
    Data to encode:  2  1  4  3  5
    Weighting:  5  4  3  2  1
    Totals: 10 4 12 6  5
    Then add them: 10 + 4 + 12 + 6 + 5 = 37

  2. Next divide the total by 11 to get the remainder, which is 37/11 = 3 remainder 4. That remainder is the check character.
  3. To generate a Code 11 barcode encoding the data 21435 that can be scanned, enter (214354), highlight the data and select the appropriate Code 11 font to turn it into a readable barcode.
Home > Barcode Fonts > Code 11 Barcode Font Advantage Package

Ordering Code 11 Barcode Fonts

Download The Code 11 Barcode Font Advantage Package Immediately After PurchaseAll orders include a complimentary 30-day Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription. Support and upgrades may be provided beyond 30 days with the purchase of a Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription that correlates with the original product ordered.

License Summary: (choose the appropriate link to obtain more details about the license type)

  • The Developer License allows one (1) developer royalty-free distribution up to 10,000 user licenses.
  • The 5 Developer License grants the rights of the Developer License for up to five (5) developers and 20,000 user licenses.
  • The Unlimited Developer License grants the rights of the Developer License for an unlimited number of developers and an unlimited number of user licenses.
  • Highly discounted Small and Mid-Size Company Developer Licenses grant the rights of the Developer License to qualifying organizations.
  • The Site License allows unlimited use at a single site within a single organization, but disallows rights for development or distribution.
  • The Single User License allows use of the Software for one (1) user in your organization. However, if the Software is used in connection with a high-speed printer that prints over 55 pages per minute or a system (including all hardware, printer and software) having a cost totaling over $50,000 USD or equivalent in a foreign currency, a Developer License is required. Multiple User Licenses are also available in various quantities.
  Single User License Small Company Developer License Developer License Developer License 5 Developer License Unlimited Developer License
Code 11 Barcode Fonts Package    
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