ActiveX COM DLL Font Encoder

This ActiveX COM DLL Barcode Font Encoder is a Unicode-compatible font encoder tool that formats text for IDAutomation barcode fonts in Microsoft ActiveX or COM-compliant applications. This tool supports linear barcode fonts, postal barcode fonts, and the Universal Barcode Font. This product can be used with a license purchase of any IDAutomation barcode font package.

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ActiveX Barcode COM DLL Font Encoder Overview

This global multi-use DLL supports Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.0. Because the DLL is Global Multi-Use, methods of the class (barcode functions) can be invoked as though they are global functions. It is not necessary to explicitly create an instance of the class first because one will automatically be created.

The IDAutomation ActiveX Barcode COM DLL Font Encoder is free to use and distribute with the purchase of any IDAutomation barcode font; however, redistribution of IDAutomation fonts and components requires a Developer License. IDAutomation also provides a Native Windows Barcode DLL font encoder that does not use ActiveX or COM.

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Using the ActiveX Barcode COM DLL Font Encoder Tool

Register the DLL by running the InstallFontEncoderDLL.exe file. To register the ActiveX DLL manually, make sure the VB 6.0 runtime files are installed on the destination machine and copy the DLL to the %Windows%\System directory. Then, register the DLL by going to the %Windows%\System directory from the command prompt and entering REGSVR32 "IDAutomationFontEncoder.dll" as the command.

After the DLL is registered, it may be referenced from within the application. Refer to the specific application documentation for instructions on how to do this. In Visual Basic 6.0 choose Project - References and select the IDAutomationDLL. Then reference the class and function as in the following example:

'Get input from user 
StringToEncode = InputString.Text
'Format data to the font by calling the function
Output = IDAutomationDLL.Code128(StringToEncode)
'Show the Printable Barcode String PrintableBarcodeString.Text = Output

A simple Visual Basic project example is included with the DLL file download package.

Available ActiveX Barcode Functions

The barcode functions listed below are available in IDAutomation's DLL and are valid only when used with the appropriate font listed in the "font to use" column. Functions beginning with IDAutomation_Uni_ should only be used with IDAutomation's Universal Barcode Fonts. Barcode function part descriptions are available for definition.

ActiveX DLL: IDAutomationFontEncoder.dll
DLL Reference Name: IDAutomationDLL
: FontEncoder
Universal Font Class: UniversalEncoder(Used with Universal Barcode Fonts only)

Methods for Standard Barcode Fonts
Barcode Type Methods and Notes Font Name
Code 11 Code11 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationC11
Code 128 Code128 (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType, ApplyTilde)

Note: Code128() is the recommended method and is also used to create GS1-128.
Code128a (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType)
Code128b (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType)
Code128c (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType)
Human Readable text is enabled when ReturnType = 6
Example: Code128("123456789012", 6, 0)
Code 39 Code39 (DataToEncode)
Code39Mod43 (DataToEncode, ReturnType)
Code 93 Code93 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationC93
Codabar Codabar (DataToEncode) IDAutomationCB
EAN-13 EAN13 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
EAN-8 EAN8 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
Interleaved 2 of 5 I2of5 (DataToEncode)
I2of5Mod10 (DataToEncode, ReturnType)
MSI / Plessey MSI (DataToEncode, ReturnType) IDAutomationMSI
RM4SCC RM4SCC (DataToEncode) IDAutomationRM
UPC-A UPCa (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
UPC-E UPCe (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
IntelligentMail IntelligentMail (DataToEncode) IDAutomationPOSTNET
or IDAutomationIMB
Not Applicable MOD10 (DataToEncode) Not Applicable
Not Applicable SpliceText (DataToEncode, SpacingNumber, ApplyTilde) Not Applicable
Methods for the Universal Barcode Font
The functions listed below are preceded with IDAutomation_Uni_ and are only to be used with IDAutomation Universal Barcode Fonts.
Barcode Type Methods and Notes Font Name
Code 128 C128 (DataToEncode, ApplyTilde)

Note: Code128() is the recommended method to use. Code128() is also used to create GS1-128.
C128A (DataToEncode)
C128B (DataToEncode)
C128C (DataToEncode)
Not Applicable C128HR (DataToEncode, ApplyTilde)
This method returns text for Code 128 barcodes, such as with GS1-128.
Text Font
Code 39 C39 (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
Codabar Codabar (DataToEncode, N_Dimension,, StartChar, StopChar) IDAutomation_Uni
Interleaved 2 of 5 I2of5 (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
MSI Plessey MSI (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
IntelligentMail IntelligentMail (DataToEncode) IDAutomation_Uni

Barcode Functions Descriptions


Free product support is available by reviewing the font problems and solutions information that IDAutomation has documented, and by searching resolved public forum threads.

Common Issues

PDF417 and DataMatrix functions will not work unless the appropriate 2D font package is installed.

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