Download Code 11 Barcode Fonts

In the evaluation version of these Code 11 fonts, the font contains only the numbers 1-5 for testing purposes.

If the demo version is used, it should be uninstalled before using the purchased version.

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IDAutomation also provides Barcode Scanners, which may be used with this product.

If assistance is needed, please contact IDAutomation.

p;1/2" (.5") or 1.1 cmIDAutomationHCBXLIDAutomationHSCBXL 5/8" (.625") or 1.6 cmIDAutomationHCBXXLIDAutomationHSCBXXL 1" or 2.5 cm* Measurements are approximate and were measured when printed at 12 points, which should work for most scanners. Measurements for Human Readable fonts do not include the text below. At 12 points, the X dimension is about 8 mils.

To print at a different height, find the font that has the height closest to what is needed and use this formula to find the point size to print the font at that height: 12 * (height you want) / (height at 12 points) = (point size converted to integer)
For example, if using IDAutomationCBL and the size is to be about .75" tall, then it needs to print at 18 points because: 12 * .75 / .5 = 18