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Integration Guide for Oracle Reports

Oracle Reports provides several professional grade products for implementing barcodes in Oracle Reports with flexible license agreements to meet a variety of needs including small company licenses and royalty-free developer licenses. The following chart may be used to determine the best product needed:

Integration Options Advantages and Disadvantages Barcode Types
Create barcodes in Oracle Reports
Native Barcode Generator for Oracle Reports
Prices from $1190*
  • Patented technology designed specifically for Oracle Reports.
  • Easily adds barcodes to Oracle Reports without installing special fonts, or other components.
  • Created in pure native PL/SQL code with source code available.
Create Barcode Image Files to Display in Reports
Java Barcode Package
Prices from $790*
  • Recommended for web reporting and local reports.
  • Compatible with Oracle Reports 9i, 10g or greater.
Create Barcodes with Barcode PLL Library
Barcode Fonts and Oracle PL/SQL PLL file.
Prices from 590*
Create Barcodes in a Web Report
JavaScript Barcode Generator
Prices from $595*
  • One of the easiest methods of implementing barcodes in Oracle Reports.
  • Compatible with Oracle Reports Web Layout.
  • Includes patented technology not available from any other company.
Create Barcodes in XML/BI Publisher
Linear, PDF417 or Data Matrix Barcodes with Java class files.
Prices from $1190*

Tutorial Links from Oracle BI Publisher Blog:

Use the Code 3 of 9 barcode font in Oracle Reports to encode numbers and uppercase letters.
Prices from $590*
(a free license is also available for qualifying organizations or when used with IDAutomation's barcode scanner or wireless model.)
  • Easy to implement on Windows systems. However, it is very difficult to implement fonts in Unix and Linux environments.
  • Implementation with this method involves only two steps; (1) place parentheses before and after the data being encoded in the text field of the report and (2) apply the barcode font to the field. The resulting field should be surrounded by (parentheses) before the font is applied.

* Prices quoted are for the Developer License, which is required when used in connection with a high speed printer that prints over 55 pages per minute or a system (including all hardware, printers and software) having a cost totaling over $50,000 USD or equivalent in a foreign currency. Small companies with gross annual revenue or funding of less than $2 million U.S. Dollars, may purchase the Small Company Developer License, which is 50% less than the price of the Developer License.

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