Linear ActiveX Barcode Control Example

Set the parameters below and apply changes here. This ActiveX barcode image is designed to be painted as the page loads, and may not refresh properly on all browsers. In production environments, barcodes generated from applets should be painted as the page loads such as when this page is initially loaded. View the pre-loaded applet demo for an implementation example. This page must be viewed in Internet Explorer to see the barcode on the page.

Data to Encode: *
Barcode Symbology:
Symbology Specific Options
Add Check Digit: (Not required for Code 39 or Codabar)
Add Check Digit to Text: (Not applicable to Code 128, UPC or EAN)
Code 128 character set:
EAN/UPC Supplement:
UPC-E System:
Size and Orientation
Orientation angle:
X Dimension: (Size of narrow bar in CM; 1 mil = .00254 CM)
N Dimension: (Size of wide bar; =N*X; default = 2)
Height: (Height of barcode in CM default = 2)
Graphic Configuration
Background Color:
Barcode Color:
Text Color: (Make this the same as the Background Color to hide the text)
Text Size:
ActiveX Barcode Control and DLL User Manual

* Symbologies That Require a Fixed Length Value

  • EAN13: a 13 digit value or a 12 digit value + check character.
  • EAN8: an 8 digit value or a 7 digit value + check character.
  • UPCA and UPCE: a 12 digit value or a 11 digit value + check character.
  • UPCE: also requires a UPC code with least five consecutive zeros.