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ASP Barcode Generator Script User Manual - Discontinued

Microsoft security updates to IIS may disable barcode generation in ASP products, therefore ASP products have been discontinued and are replaced by more secure and functional ASPX products.

  View the release log for the ASP Barcode Generator Script Support for the ASP Barcode Generator Script


The ASP Barcode Generator Script is a server-side script, which adds barcode image streaming generation capability to any website that supports ASP scripts. Once installed, server-side 1bpp barcode images are generated on the server in memory and streamed to the client without saving any temp files on the server.

  1. After the files are extracted from the ZIP file download, copy the files needed to a webserver where ASP script processing is enabled. Each file contains the name of the supported symbology. When in doubt, IDAutomation recommends using idautomation-code128.asp.
  2. ASP Script Execute PermissionsOpen the file in a browser window and verify that a default barcode appears. If it does not, ensure the files are installed in the proper folder on the server. Additionally, verify that ASP processing is enabled.
  3. Integrate the resulting URL into your web application as a dynamic IMG tag, replacing the D= parameter with the data being encoded.
  4. If necessary, refer to the parameters section below to modify additional parameters. For example, the following parameters enable ApplyTilde and create a GS1-128 barcode by encoding (21) as the AI with a height of 30 pixels:

Barcode Script Parameters

IDAutomation recommends using default values for all properties, unless requirements dictate otherwise.

Purpose Parameter Default Description
Apply Tilde PT F When True in Code 128 with the Auto character set, the format ~??? may be used to specify the ASCII code of the character to be encoded and several other ApplyTilde Options are enabled including encoding of GS1-128 AIs.
This Parameter is only valid in idautomation-code128.asp
Bar Height BH 40 The height of the barcode in pixels.
Check Character CC T* Automatically adds the check digit to the barcode when equal to 'T'. * The default in Code-39 is F.
Check Character in Text CT T Automatically adds the check digit that is encoded in the barcode to the human readable text that is displayed when equal to 'T'.
Data Encoded D 123456789012 The data that is to be encoded in the barcode.
Narrow to Wide Ratio N 2 The narrow to wide ratio of symbologies that only contain narrow and wide bars such as Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and MSI. Valid values are 2 and 3.
Orientation O 0 Orientation indicates the orientation of the barcode. Valid values are 0, 90, 180 and 270.
ShowText ST T If set to 'F', the human readable text interpretation will not be displayed with the barcode.
XDimension in pixels X 1 The number of pixels to determine the overall barcode width. Default = 1 which is 1/96 of an inch and about 12 MILS.
Font Size FS 12 The font size used for human readable text.
Only values of 10 and 12 are applicable. Any other values must be implemented manually by displaying a text field below the barcode.

Only commonly used parameters are included in the script generator files. This ensures quick and efficient barcode generation. If additional properties or symbologies are needed, consider the Online Barcode Generator Service or implementation of one of IDAutomation's compiled barcode products that incorporate streaming capability, which include the Streaming Barcode Server for IIS or the Java Servlet, which is part of the Java Barcode Package.

Streaming Barcode Implementation

After installation, the barcode script efficiently generates streaming barcodes over the web for any application as a dynamic image and may be embedded with the IMG tag. Parameters in the URL determine the data that is encoded. To transition from the examples provided, replace with your unique URL that is used to generate streaming barcodes.

The following are some examples:


  • <html>
    <p>This web page uses ASP code to create a barcode.</p>
    <% @ LANGUAGE = VBScript %>
    <% BarcodeData = "123456789012" %>
    <p><img src="<%="" & BarcodeData %>"


  • The following code generates a Code 39 barcode in HTML that is 100 pixels tall and with the check character disabled:
    <img src=""/>

JavaScript and Web Applications

  • Barcodes may be dynamically generated and displayed as demonstrated on the IDAutomation Software Return Form, which uses JavaScript to create a printable page displaying barcodes used to automate data entry. Within the JavaScript function, the order number is encoded in the symbol with the following code:
    message += "<img src='"
    message += document.form1.orderNum.value;

Technical Support Issues

Support for the ASP Barcode Generator Script
View the release log for the ASP Barcode Generator Script

Free product support may be obtained by reviewing the knowledgebase articles that are documented below and by searching resolved public forum threads. Priority phone, email and forum support is also provided within 30 days of purchase. Additional phone, email and forum support is provided with an active Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription.

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