Google Sheets PDF417 Barcode Generator

PDF417 barcode image in Google Sheets.

  • Add dynamic PDF417 barcodes to Google Apps like Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slideshow, Workspace, and others without fonts or external dependencies.
  • Supports PDF417 and any standard based on the PDF417 barcode symbology.
  • Available functions include N_Dimension and BarHeight for adjusting various parameters of the PDF417 barcode.
  • Easy Function Encoding capability allows for encoding functions like carriage returns and tabs in PDF417.
  • Uncompressed source code is provided with all Developer Licenses.

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Google Sheets PDF417 Barcode Generator Overview

Display 2D PDF417 barcode images in Google Apps environments for Drive, Sheets, Docs, Workspace, and Slideshow. This Google Apps Script generates a Unicode barcode image based on pure text that may be embedded anywhere that text can be returned from a script. Once imported, no other fonts or components are needed to generate and display barcodes.