Crystal Reports Data Matrix Native Barcode Generator

  • Easily add 2D Data Matrix ECC200 and GS1-DataMatrix to Crystal Reports natively.
  • Built-in error correction algorithms allow the symbol to be decoded when it is up to 60% damaged.
  • Supports GS1-DataMatrix in ASCII encoding mode.
  • Includes GS1 HRI (human readable interpretation) formula.
  • ECC-200, ANSI/AIM BC11 and ISO/IEC 16022 specification compliant.
  • Symbologies and standards supported include DOD UID, MIL-STD-130, ISO/IEC 15434, AIAG and others.
  • Implementation is easy; copy and paste the object into the report.
  • The Data Matrix object stays embedded in the report, even when it is distributed.
  • Supports Crystal 9 and up. (Products that support version 7 & 8)
  • Includes patented technology available only at IDAutomation.
  • Complete native source code is provided with purchase.

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Note: This product is only compatible with Crystal Reports and does not include barcode fonts, as they are not required to create the barcodes.

Data Matrix Crystal Report Generator Overview

A single Crystal Reports RPT file (Data Matrix.rpt) provided in this package supports all 2D Data Matrix barcode types and encoding modes by a modification in the first part of the formula as described in the tutorial.

Created for Crystal ReportsData Matrix 2D barcode in a Crystal Reports report

For Example:

  • To change the encoding mode to encode binary data or bytes of a file, modify EncodingMode = E_BASE256.
  • To force a symbol larger than the current size, change PreferredFormat.

Data Matrix mode options in Crystal Reports

GS1-DataMatrix symbols are generated by encoding the FNC1 character "~1" when processTilde is enabled.

Modifications to make the GS1-DataMatrix symbol

For example, the following modification encodes the GS1 data of (01)3456789012345(15)171231:
DataToEncode = "~1" & "01345678901234515171231"
EncodingMode = E_

To automatically format GS1 HRI (human readable interpretation) data, open the GS1 version of the product and copy/paste the HRI object into your database in the same way as the barcode object. If necessary, refer to the example provided in the download.
GS1 HRI (human readable interpretation) formula included

GS1 HRI Example

Before production, IDAutomation suggests verifying the result with a verifier or PQA function, which is provided in IDAutomation's 2D Barcode Scanner.