SSRS 2D DotCode Barcode Generator

2D DotCode barcode image in SSRS Reporting Services.

  • Generate DotCode barcode images in SSRS environments without fonts or other components using this special object.
  • For use in Microsoft SSRS 2008 R2 and greater for Report Builder and Report Designer, both RDL and RDLC types.
  • Supports 2D DotCode barcode types.
  • Encoding parameters for ReturnType, ApplyTilde, Ratio, and more. 
  • Encode multiple dynamic fields & static text with tab functions for seamless scanning.

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SSRS DotCode Barcode Generator Overview

The SSRS DotCode Barcode Generator includes two solutions for added flexibility in more SSRS environments. First, the Native Barcode Generator which embeds directly into the report, running natively in SSRS. The second solution is a Script Barcode Generator which streams data from a server and encodes it into the DotCode barcode in the report. The Native Generator is the recommended solution in this package.