QR-Code Font Encoder App for Windows

The IDAutomation QR-Code Font and Encoder Suite is a collection of components that generate QR-Codes using both fonts and graphics. This package is an easy-to-use product that generates QR-Codes from TrueType, PostScript, or OpenType fonts. The resulting barcodes may be easily copied and pasted into any rich text or graphics application.

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QR-Code Font Encoder App Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to easily generate a QR-Code barcode and paste it into an application. Refer to the Font Encoder Software Application site for other capabilities, including the ability to generate multiple barcodes, import features, 2D XLM export capabilities, and command line arguments.

  1. Install the QR-Code Font and Encoder version 2016 or later, and open the Font Encoder App.
  2. After the application starts, enter the information to be encoded in the "Data to Encode in Barcode" field and a QR-Code should appear in the barcode preview area. Select the "Copy to Clipboard" button.
    Generate QR-Code for easy copy and paste into applications.
  3. In a rich text application such as Microsoft Word, position the cursor in the area to place the barcode and choose Ctrl-V or Edit-Paste. It may be necessary to first create a single-cell table or column that is large enough to contain the QR-Code and paste the barcode into the table so that text can appear on the right or left side of the QR-Code. This option will also allow the barcode to be placed anywhere the table can be moved to.

    Place the Cursor Where the Barcode Will Live and Select the IDAutomation2D Font at 8pts

  4. The QR Code should appear.
    Paste the Text String and Apply the Barcode Font

    If white lines appear in the symbol, select the entire symbol, choose Line Spacing Options, and make sure the line spacing is set to 1. Additionally, ensure there is enough space available to contain the entire size of the QR-Code symbol.

QR-Code Symbology Options

The QR-Code FEA has the following specific options:

  • Additional Properties (defaults shown):
    QR-Code FEA has additional options.
    • Mode: Encoding Mode
    • Version: Symbol Version
    • ECL: Error Correction Level
    • Clipboard (selection for Copy to Clipboard button):
      • Font: Copies barcode as encoded text/font combination to clipboard (as Rich Text).
      • PNG/BMP/JPG: Copies barcode as an image to clipboard.
    • BestMask: Determines which modules are dark and which are light.
    • QuietZone: The white area around the symbol, which is a multiple of the smallest bar.
  • Export File Image: This allows for saving the barcode in the GUI directly to a file in PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF formats.
    Save as multiple file types
  • Export to file EPS: This allows for saving the barcode in the GUI directly to a file in EPS (Extended Postscript) format.
    Save files as EPS for Photoshop and other graphic software

Additional options for the Font Encoder Application.

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