How to Use Codabar Barcode Fonts

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Codabar barcodes may be easily generated from a font encoder or a calculated field to dynamically produce multiple symbols. Multiple examples are provided in the package for FileMaker, OpenOffice, Word, Excel, Access, and Crystal Reports.

Calculated Field Examples:

  • Lotus Notes (use for barcoding in forms and views): "A" + DataField + "B"
  • Lotus Approach: Combine ('A', DataField, 'B')
  • Lotus 123 for Windows: ("A"&@STRING(B7,0)&"B")
  • Clarion: loc:barcode='A'&left(clip(DataField))&'B'
  • Microsoft Access: =("A"&[DataField] & "B")
  • Microsoft Excel: ="("&B2&")"

Manual Example:

  1. Type ( as the start character
  2. Type 12345678 which is the data to be encoded
  3. Type ) as the stop character
  4. Select only (12345678) and change the font for that text to IDAutomationHCBS

IDAutomation barcode fonts use short names for several reasons, including cross-platform compatibility. Below is a description of the font identification letters that make up the font name. For example, IDAutomationHCBS is a human-readable, Codabar font with a short height.

HIndicates this is a “human-readable” font that generates a text interpretation below the barcode.
CBThe symbology identifier of CB indicates the type of barcode generated is Codabar.
S, M, L, XS, XL & XXLThe last characters in the font name after the symbology identifier determine the height of the barcode with the shortest being "XS" and the tallest being "XXL".
SAn "S" directly after "IDAutomation" in the font name indicates a sample or demo version of the font.

Codabar Barcode Specifications

The X dimension (X is the width of the narrow bar) is listed below for various point sizes. The N Dimension (wide to narrow ratio) is 3:1, which is recommended by international standards. If an N dimension of 2 or 2.5 is needed, IDAutomation also offers the Universal Barcode Font Advantage™, which offers N Dimensions of 2:1, 2.5:1, and 3:1 and is designed to create multiple barcode types as a single font.

IDAutomation’s advanced Codabar barcode fonts have been designed to dependably scan when printed at point sizes both large and small. When printed at 6 points with a 600 DPI or greater laser printer, IDAutomation has been able to dependably scan the Codabar font with the IDAutomation USB Barcode Scanner. Excluding the start and stop characters, slightly more than 18 CPI print density may be achieved when printing at this small size.

Point Size Approximate X dimension
24.50 mm.020"
18.38 mm.015"
12.25 mm.010"
9.19 mm.008"
6.127 mm.005"

Twelve (12) different versions of the Codabar barcode fonts are provided to support human-readable versions and different height requirements. Fonts with the letter "H" in the font name are "human-readable" versions. The last characters in the Codabar barcode font name determine the height of the barcode, with the shortest being "XS" and the tallest being "XXL". Because every single font may be printed at various point sizes, several height/width combinations can be produced.

Font Name of Purchased VersionFont Name of Demo Version*Font Height at 12pt*
Codabar Fonts with no text below the barcode:
IDAutomationCBXSIDAutomationSCBXS 1/16" (.078") or .2 cm
IDAutomationCBSIDAutomationSCBS 1/8" (.125") or .4 cm
IDAutomationCBMIDAutomationSCBM 1/4" (.25") or .6 cm
IDAutomationCBLIDAutomationSCBL 1/2" (.5") or 1.1 cm
IDAutomationCBXLIDAutomationSCBXL 5/8" (.625") or 1.6 cm
IDAutomationCBXXLIDAutomationSCBXXL 1" or 2.5 cm
Human-Readable Codabar Fonts (text below the barcode)
IDAutomationHCBXSIDAutomationHSCBXS 1/16" (.078") or .2 cm
IDAutomationHCBSIDAutomationHSCBS 1/8" (.125") or .4 cm
IDAutomationHCBMIDAutomationHSCBM 1/4" (.25") or .6 cm
IDAutomationHCBLIDAutomationHSCBL 1/2" (.5") or 1.1 cm
IDAutomationHCBXLIDAutomationHSCBXL 5/8" (.625") or 1.6 cm
IDAutomationHCBXXLIDAutomationHSCBXXL 1" or 2.5 cm
* Measurements are approximate and were measured when printed at 12 points, which should work for most scanners. Measurements for Human Readable fonts do not include the text below. At 12 points, the X dimension is about 8 mils.

To print at a different height, find the font that has the height closest to what is needed and use this formula to find the point size to print the font at that height: 12 * (height you want) / (height at 12 points) = (point size converted to integer)
For example, if using IDAutomationCBL and the size is to be about .75" tall, then it needs to print at 18 points because: 12 * .75 / .5 = 18

Codabar Font Names Prior to July 2003

The last character in the Codabar font name determines the height of the barcode with the shortest being "a" and the tallest being "f".

Font Name of Purchased Version Font Name of Demo Version* Font Height at 12pt* 
Codabar Fonts with no text below the barcode:
ADVCBASADVCBA 1/16" (.078") or .2 cm
ADVCBBSADVCBB 1/8" (.125") or .4 cm
ADVCBCSADVCBC 1/4" (.25") or .6 cm
ADVCBDSADVCBD 1/2" (.5") or 1.1 cm
ADVCBESADVCBE 5/8" (.625") or 1.6 cm
ADVCBFSADVCBF 1" or 2.5 cm
Human-Readable Codabar Fonts (text below the barcode)
ADVHCBASADVHCBA 1/16" (.078") or .2 cm
ADVHCBBSADVHCBB 1/8" (.125") or .4 cm
ADVHCBCSADVHCBC 1/4" (.25") or .6 cm
ADVHCBDSADVHCBD 1/2" (.5") or 1.1 cm
ADVHCBESADVHCBE 5/8" (.625") or 1.6 cm

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