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Code 128 Font Encoder Software Application

The Code 128 Font Encoder Software Application is provided with the IDAutomation Code 128 Font Package to allow users to easily paste barcodes into applications as a font.

Download the Code 128 Font Encoder App


This tutorial describes how to easily generate a Code-128 barcode and paste it into an application. Refer to the Font Encoder Software Application site for other capabilities, including the ability to generate multiple barcodes, import/export features and command line arguments.

  1. Install the Code 128 Font Package version 2016 or later, and open the Font Encoder Application.
  2. Enter the barcode string desired in the Data to Encode field.
    Enter the barcode string
  3. Select the Character Set option, valid values are Auto, A, B or C. IDAutomation recommends using Auto.
    Select the Character Set option
  4. Should the barcode data include the need for the Apply Tilde feature, click on the check box.
  5. Select the desired font height that is available.
    Select the desired font height
  6. Choose the point size needed
    Choose the point size
  7. Click the 'Apply Barcode Font' to change the encoded data string to a barcode.
    Prior to Clicking the Apply Barcode FontClick the Apply Barcode Font
  8. Click the 'Copy to Clipboard' and paste the barcode into another application, such as Microsoft Word.
    Paste barcode into Word

Code 128 Standard Examples


In this example, a SSCC-18 barcode using Code-128 will be generated. Your requirements may be less complex depending on the circumstances. SSCC-18 was chosen to demonstrate the capabilities of the product with GS1-128 barcodes, however, any type of data may be encoded.

  1. Install the Code 128 Font Package, and open the Font Encoder Application.
  2. Enable "Apply Tilde" if it is not already enabled.
  3. In the Data To Encode field, enter the text that is to be encoded in the barcode. In this example, we enter (00)11234567123456789~m17. According to the GS1-128 syntax, the (00) defines the AI and the ~m17 calculates a MOD10 check digit.
  4. Select the font height of "M" and change the font size to 12 points.
  5. Choose the "Copy to Clipboard" button.
  6. In your application, press Ctrl-V or right-click and choose Paste.
  7. The barcode should appear in your application. If only text is shown, highlight the pasted text and choose the appropriate barcode font.
    The Code-128 Font Encoder Software Application
USPS EAN128 Barcodes

In this example, a USPS EAN128, also known as UCC/EAN Code GS1-128 or IMpb barcode, will be generated. The detailed tutorial for this example is located on the Code 128 Barcode FAQ page.

SICI and SISAC Barcodes

In this example, a SISAC barcode is created by encoding the SICI (Serial Item and Contribution Identifier) into a Code 128 barcode. The detailed tutorial for this example is located on the SICI and SISAC Barcode Tutorial page.


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