2D Universal Font Specifications

The IDAutomation2D font is provided in all Aztec, Data Matrix, DotCode, PDF417, and QR Code font packages. This single font generates the symbols for multiple symbologies. DotCode is supported in the latest version released in September 2020.The IDAutomation2D universal font

Several font versions and combinations are provided in the package:

  • IDAutomation2D is the standard 2D font that should be used in most implementations. The PDF417 N dimension of this font is set to 3.
  • IDAutomation2D S is a smaller version with a ratio and spacing of the glyphs designed to withstand multiple generations of degradation, such as scanning, reprinting, faxing, and when scanned from a phone or mobile device. The smaller version prints precisely to low resolution 203 and 300 dpi printers. This smaller version font also contains Unicode Image characters which can generate symbols for native generation products that normally use a common system font.
  • IDAutomation2D XLS is a TrueType only version for use in Excel. This is the only font that will work properly in Excel. The X dimension of this font is slightly larger than IDAutomation2D.
  • IDAutomation2D N5 fonts in the "PDF417 N=5" folder have the N dimension of PDF417 set to 5.

X Dimension Chart (Actual results may vary depending on the printer used)

IDAutomation 2D (Size) 2D Matrix X Dimension *
14 .122 CM 48 MILS
12 .105 CM 41 MILS
10 .086 CM 33 MILS
8 .061 CM 24 MILS
6 .052 CM 20 MILS
4 .031 CM 13 MILS
3 .026 CM 10 MILS
2 .017 CM 6 MILS
IDAutomation 2D S (Size) 2D Matrix X Dimension
14 .058 CM 23 MILS
12 .051 CM 20 MILS
10 .043 CM 17 MILS
8 .033 CM 13 MILS
6 .025 CM 10 MILS
4 .018 CM 7 MILS
3 .013 CM 5 MILS
2 .009 CM 3 mil

When using a printer with less than 600 DPI, use the "IDAutomation2D S" font at the following point sizes to create accurate symbols:

203 DPI Printer (thermal printer) 300 DPI Printer
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

* PDF417 Dimensions: When using PDF417 the X dimension of the IDAutomation2D font is 1/2 of what is listed in the X Dimension Chart below, which is about 12 MILS when printed at 8 points. The X dimension of the IDAutomation2D N5 font is about 1/4 of what is listed in the X Dimension Chart below, which is about .010" or 10 MILS when printed at 12 points.