IDAutomation Symbol Encoded ASCII Text Font

The IDAutomation Symbol Encoded ASCII Text Font is used for troubleshooting purposes when using Symbol Encoded barcode fonts. IDAutomation provides Symbol Encoding as an option in several barcode font packages including Code 39, Code 128, Universal, UPC/EAN, and others.

When switching from a symbol-encoded font to a standard text font such as "Arial" or "Times New Roman" to view the contents, wing-dings or unrecognizable characters may appear or the area may even appear blank. To resolve this issue, download and install this font and use the font named "IDAutomation Symbol Text" as the selected font to view the contents. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using symbol-encoded fonts.

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This font contains characters (0-126 and 194-206) in standard ASCII locations within the ISO Latin-1 1252 character set and the corresponding locations of the Microsoft Symbol character set.

The following is the character mapping of the "IDAutomation Symbol Text" font:
The Symbol Encoded ASCII Text Font character mapping.