QR-Code in a Crystal Reports reportCrystal Reports QR-Code Barcode Generator

  • Supports standard QR-Code in addition to GS1-QRCode, AIM-QRCode and Micro QR-Code.
  • Easily add QR-Code 2D symbols to Crystal Reports without installing fonts.
  • Created according to the ISO/IEC 18004:2015 standard accepted worldwide.
  • The QR-Code object stays embedded in the report, even when it is distributed.*
  • Implementation is easy; copy and paste the object into the report.
  • Supports Crystal 9 and up. (Products that support version 7 & 8)
  • Includes patented technology available only at IDAutomation.
  • Native source code is provided with purchase.

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Developed by IDAutomation for Crystal Reports

QR Code is a matrix symbology similar to Data Matrix. The Native Crystal version encodes ASCII Characters, numbers, text and actual bytes of data, including Unicode characters and images according to the ISO/IEC 18004:2006 standard. Three modes are supported including binary, digits and uppercase letters and large numbers.

A single Crystal Reports RPT file (QR-Code.rpt) provided in this package contains the formula. Properties of the symbol generation may be easily changed in the first part of the file and shown in the code sample below. 

     ' Set DataToEncode:= to the field of the data source,
     ' for example: DataToEncode = ({TestData.DataField})
Dim DataToEncode as String
DataToEncode = "IDAutomation QR-Code Native Barcode Generator for Crystal Reports"
     ' Symbology Parameters
Dim ProcTilde As Number
ProcTilde = 1 
     ' If = 1 the Tilde will be processed | 
     ' https://www.barcodefaq.com/2d/qr-code/#Control_Characters
Dim EncMode As Number
EncMode = 0 
     ' 0=Binary | 1=0nly numbers and uppercase letters | 2=Numbers only
Dim ErrorCorrectionLevel As Number
ErrorCorrectionLevel = 0 
     ' 0=15% | 1=30% | 2=7% | 3-25% | 
     ' https://www.barcodefaq.com/2d/qr-code/#Encoding_Modes
Dim Version As Number
Version = 0 
     ' 0=Automatic | 
     ' https://www.barcodefaq.com/2d/qr-code/#Symbol_Version
     ' End Symbology Parameters

 NOTE: A hybrid version of the QR Code Generator is included for high-speed barcode generation, which requires the installation of the IDAutomation Crystal UFL (version 2015 or later) to perform a portion of complex calculations required for quicker barcode generation. Installation of this UFL is automatic when running the installer for this product. In addition, a silent installer is provided with all Developer Licenses of this product to easily install the UFL when distributing a report. If it is necessary to distribute reports without any dependencies, Streaming Barcodes into Crystal Reports may be a better solution.

Note: Crystal Crashes when Running a Report with the QR Code Hybrid: The QRCode Hybrid UFL has been updated to include error logging capability which saves IDAutomation_UFL_Error.log in %temp% if generation errors occur. If this occurs, provide IDAutomation Support the contents of this log file for a solution.

* Only the completely native version (not the hybrid version using the UFL) supports GS1-QRCode, AIM-QRCode and Micro QR-Code.