Microsoft Dynamics 365 Barcode Generation with SSRS

Microsoft SSRS or Report Builder may be used to generate reports that include barcode symbols such as GS1-128, QR Code and Data Matrix. IDAutomation does not directly support Microsoft Dynamics, however, we have included tutorials here that can be an aid in creating your SSRS report. After the report is functioning properly, barcode symbols can be easily added to SSRS or Report Builder with the IDAutomation SSRS Barcode Generator.

This is a 4 step process:

  1. Integrate SSRS with Dynamics, refer to creating an SSRS report for Dynamics 365.
  2. Create and test the report.
  3. Integrate SSRS barcode symbols in the report.
  4. Test the report again containing the barcode symbols. Many symbols can be verified with the Barcode Data Decoder.

Dynamics Integration Tutorials (from external sites)

For support related to barcode generation in SSRS, refer to the IDAutomation SSRS Barcode Generator.

IDAutomation fully supports the fonts and components provided by IDAutomation. IDAutomation provides guides about how customers have integrated barcodes into Dynamics, however, IDAutomation cannot assist with the integration into Dynamics. If this type of assistance is needed, contact Microsoft Dynamics Support.