Streaming Barcode Images into SAP Crystal Reports

Barcodes may be easily placed in SAP Crystal Reports versions XI and above (including SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise) with IDAutomation's Dynamic Barcode Generator Service. When using this service to stream barcodes into reports, there are no additional products to install. The only requirement is that all machines generating reports need access to the Internet or the server generating the barcodes, which may be installed on an Intranet or the report generator itself.

Multiple barcode symbologies are provided by the service, including Code 128, Code 39, GS1 DataBar, USPS Intelligent Mail IMb, UPC, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR-Code, and more.

Streaming Dynamic Barcode Tutorial

  1. In the report, choose Insert > OLE Object. Enterprise users select Insert > Picture.
    OLE Streaming Object
  2. Select Bitmap Image from the dialogue box and click OK.

    Bitmap Image

    If the "Bitmap Image" option does not appear, such as if in SAP Crystal Reports 2013 or Enterprise user:
       (1) Right-click and save this crystal-barcode-image.jpg file or another small jpeg image to the hard drive as the default image to show. This image will also show if the barcode cannot be generated.
       (2) Repeat Step-1 and choose Create from File.
       (3) Select the crystal-barcode-image.jpg file saved from above.
    insert object OLE Image from a File
  3. Position the object in the report. (NOTE: When the object is dropped onto the report designer, the object may be in Edit Mode. Simply click off of the object to return to Design Mode.)
  4. Select the object and click on Format Graphic from the file menu. Enterprise users right-click on the image and select Format Graphic.
    Format - Graphic from the file menu
  5. On the Common tab, ensure the "Can Grow" option is enabled with a checkmark in the box as shown below:
    Ensure the "Can Grow" option is selected
  6. On the Picture tab, ensure the Scaling Width and Height are at 100%, and then click on the Graphic Location formula icon as shown below:
    The Graphic Location formula icon
  7. In the Formula Window that appears, enter the streaming barcode service URL and append the appropriate parameters to ensure the JPEG file type is created, including the field that needs to be encoded and any other necessary parameters. As per SAP documentation, Crystal Reports cannot display an image from a secure URL with https it requires http. 
    Streaming Image URL
  8. Save and Close the Format Function window. The Print Preview feature will reveal the barcode streamed into the report. If the barcode does not appear, ensure the URL is correct (step 7 above) and ensure the PC running the report has access to the Internet.
    Preview Streamed Barcode

  9. If problems are encountered, try the example download.

When streaming barcodes on very large reports, latency may cause a slight slow-down in report generation. If the issue is still experienced, consider implementing one of the products listed below on your intranet, or on the report generator itself to reduce latency:

    Additionally, many other Crystal Barcode Integration options are available that do not have latency issues.