Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we are most-often asked about IDAutomation products, licensing, purchasing, technical support and post-sales customer assistance. If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know.


Does IDAutomation have a reseller program?

Yes. The IDAutomation Reseller Program offers a 20% discount on all IDAutomation software sold. Resellers may place orders on behalf of their customers directly via our website, and can provide product downloads to end users via email. This program requires an ongoing marketing commitment.

Do you have a list of official IDAutomation Software Resellers?

If you cannot purchase directly through our online store, IDAutomation Software Resellers are available throughout the world to purchase on behalf of your organization. Please reach out and let us know in which nation you wish to purchase for an appropriate selection of available resellers in your area.


Which payment methods do you offer?

Orders may be placed via our online store with the following payment methods:

Credit Card
Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover. Software is available immediately after the order is placed and paid, with some exceptions.
Wire Transfer
Minimum $300.00 USD order total. Bank details are provided after the order is placed. The order will be processed, and product made available upon receipt of payment from our bank.
Clicking the PayPal button at checkout redirects to the PayPal website where payment is made. We must then verify and capture the payment, and the product downloads will be activated at that time. This is not an immediate action but is normally activated within one hour of purchase.
Purchase Orders
We do accept purchase orders from organizations that are located here in the United States only and for amounts greater than $300.00 USD. You may place your order via our online store and select Purchase Order as your method of payment. When your order is complete, submit your official PO and we will process it. We will not process any purchase orders without a correct official PO from your organization. Product activation will take place upon receipt of payment as IDAutomation does not have a payment on terms option.

Will you take orders over the phone?

No. Each purchase must be associated with a user account, and so all orders must be placed through our online store. Navigate to the product you want, select the version and license type, and then proceed through online checkout. If you are unable to do this, please reach out to us.

Where can I find VAT Tax information for IDAutomation?

European VAT tax is not applied, because IDAutomation is located in the United States. Most of our European customers are VAT tax exempt, or have a registered VAT ID which allows them to pay the VAT tax directly to their government. In Europe, this is common practice and these customers should be familiar with the process.

How can tax exempt organizations avoid taxes applied to purchases?

IDAutomation applies tax to companies located in the state of Florida who are purchasing physically shippable products. Tax exempt organizations located outside of the state of Florida will see no tax applied to their orders.

Tax exempt organizations within the state of Florida can avoid tax applied to their orders by submitting an official Tax Exempt Certificate to us directly. Upon receipt we will apply the tax exempt status to your existing user accounts, or create your desired user account with the exemption in place.

Can I have physical items shipped on my own shipping account?

No. We are only able to ship items via our own UPS shipping account at this time. All software products are available via download, however.

Customer Support

How and when can I download my software?

Most IDAutomation software products are available via download immediately after the order is placed and paid in our online store. We verify and manually activate some high-security items, and that normally occurs within 15 minutes during business hours.

You must be logged into the registered user account that completed the purchase. Then, visit My Orders and click the order number of the purchase. Scroll to the Digital Goods section of the order. Click to agree to terms and download.

GST tax was added to my hardware purchase.

IDAutomation has no offices in Canada, and as such, is responsible for collecting GST taxes. If you have a GST Number and would like this tax exempted from your order, please submit a signed Drop Shipment Certificate to us via email.

How can I return or exchange a product I purchased?

IDAutomation products carry an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Review software return information or hardware return information and follow the instructions to return your product for a refund. You may purchase the correct product any time before or after your refund is issued, most often within 24 hours.

Products & Licensing

Can I test your software before I purchase?

Yes. We provide demo downloads for all of our products. You may use them as long as you need to conduct your testing prior to purchase. Some demo’s are fully-functional while others are static, meaning they will not work with your data. These demo’s serve to provide insight into installation, positioning and understanding of various properties available in the product.

IDAutomation Technical Support can provide some assistance with our demo software products, when necessary.

How are software product licenses applied?

IDAutomation software licenses authorize specific areas of usage, and so the license type you purchase should be sufficient to support your usage scenario.

There is no specific way to apply a given license to an installation. Our products do not use license keys, and in most cases are downloadable .zip files with executable files inside that must be initiated to install the product.

Which product license should I select?

Licensing is based on a variety of factors focused on user intent, usage scenario and more. Review the license matrices below for more information:

For additional assistance, contact the IDAutomation Sales staff.

How do you monitor installations and users for an existing license?

It is the license owner’s responsibility to monitor usage and make sure the license permissions are not exceeded. For example, if a customer purchases the 1 Developer License which includes 1 to 10,000 total users and installations, that customer will need to monitor installations and users. If you are in danger of exceeding the limitations of the license, then reach out to us to talk about upgrading to the next.

Why do I need a Developer License when I don’t have any Developers working with the product?

IDAutomation Developer Licenses also serve in a commercial capacity. The Developer License options authorize use for Developers, but they also authorize use in commercial settings such as use a server or ERP environment, multiple locations, high speed printing and more.

Technical Support

Why is the Demo still appearing after I’ve purchased the software?

IDAutomation demo’s are separate packages from the full, purchased versions. As such, you will need to uninstall the demo before you install the purchased version of our products in order to remove the demo from your system.

How should I encode my data for a specific barcode standard?

IDAutomation provides a wide variety of solutions that support barcode generation for virtually any standard. Our focus is on the barcode symbology, however, and detailed elements of any given standard may well be outside our scope of support.

Can you assist me with installation or troubleshooting applications like Oracle, Crystal Reports, Java, SSRS and others?

We are able to assist in many technical areas concerning installation, troubleshooting and normal use for most software products and environments. However, the scope of our support will not exceed that of our products. We can only provide limited technical assistance in terms of how our product works in open source and other environments like Oracle, SSRS, Crystal Reports, NET and others.