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USPS Intelligent Mail® IMb® Barcode Fonts

Postal Barcode Generated from a FontPostnet Barcode Generated with a Font

  • USPS Intelligent MailŪ IMbŪ Barcode FontsThis single Barcode Font Package generates all USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes including IMb Tracing, IMpb, IM Tray Labels, OneCode Confirm and ACS, Postnet and the IM Container Barcode.
  • Over 30 font encoders are provided to format data to the fonts.
  • Native font encoder source code is available for IMb in Visual Basic VBA, C++, C#.NET and Java.
  • Includes a code-128 font that is used to generate the IMpb Packing Barcode, Intelligent Mail Container Barcode and the GS1-128 Delivery Confirmation Barcode.
  • Examples for FileMaker, Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports are included.
  • Includes a Crystal Reports Formula which may be easily applied to a report.
  • TrueType, PostScript, OpenType and PCL LaserJet soft fonts are included in various intensities and sizes for maximum flexibility.
  • Postnet, Planet, OCR-A and FIM fonts are also included in this package.
  • With a purchase of the Developer License or above:
    • Web Fonts are included in WOFF, EOT and SVG formats to easily display barcodes in any web browser.
    • A silent installation executable is included with source setup to create custom installations.
    • Additional native font encoders are provided including C++, Java, Oracle and .NET.
  • 2014 Update: Added a pure, native Visual Basic VBA Module, silent installation option, TrueType TTF fonts as OpenType with digital signatures, plus PostScript ASCII Type 1 fonts to the package. The Visual Basic VBA Module for IMb is only supplied in the purchased version.
  • Single and Multi-User licenses for the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts from $139 with royalty-free Developer licenses from $395.
 Release log for the USPS Intelligent Mail fonts Support for Postnet & Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts Download Postnet & Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts Demo Now Order Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts

Home > Barcode Fonts > USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Font Package

IMb Font Features

This font package allows generation of all barcodes used by the USPS in a variety of operating systems, environments and applications. All barcode fonts require special formatting so that the data will create a readable barcode when the font is applied. Over 30 royalty-free font encoder tools, macros and plug-ins are provided to complete this automatically.

Download Postnet & Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts Demo Now Order Postnet & Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts

The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) is a tracing, routing, sorting and tracking symbology type based on the 4-State symbology that is used for services including OneCode Confirm & OneCode ACS. This IMb barcode is also referred to as the OneCode Solution, 4-State Customer Barcode, USPS4CB and 4-CB. Details of the package are as follows:

Purchase of the PostNet Fonts Allows Free Use of Our Font Encoder Tools

  • Font Encoders Provided: Many font encoder tools are available to assist with application integration. These encoders automatically format the start, stop and check characters to the data-to-encode to generate a readable barcode from a font. To create a single barcode, consider the Online Barcode Font Encoder
  • Multiple Fonts Provided: Multiple font versions are provided in this package to support various applications, implementations and printers.
    "I can print USPS barcodes on our newsletter mailing labels directly from our database, export data to the SmartAddresser 2020 software and qualify for Automation rates when mailing newsletters." - John Langer, USCWM, Pasadena CA
  • Intelligent Mail IMb Capability: The encoding in IDAutomation's IMb fonts allows printing of Intelligent Mail and Postnet barcodes from the same font.
    Video: Generate Postal Barcodes from Postnet Fonts
  • Native Source Code Available: With the purchase of a Developer License, complete native source code to the Intelligent Mail (IMb) and GS1-128 font encoders are provided in Visual Basic VBA, C++, C#.NET and Java.
  • OCR-A Barcodes Included: OCR-A is included to automate mail routing in cases when the printed barcode is damaged or unreadable.
  • Code-128 Font Included: The IDAutomationC128L font is provided for the printing of the USPS-L-3216 Tray Label, Intelligent Mail Packing Barcode, IMb Container Barcode and other special services such as delivery confirmation on priority mail.
  • Canada Post Support: IDAutomationC128L font also produces the dimensions required by the CANADA POST.
  • Legacy Fonts: Postnet, Planet and FIM fonts are provided in the Legacy Fonts folder of the package.
    "We chose this product because of clearly presented product descriptions and availability of macros to help with check digits etc. We can now use the barcode fonts in our packaging designs instead of creating a graphic and placing it in the documents manually. It's much faster and more reliable." - Joseph Wood, Vernon Communication, Elmhurst, IL
  • Multiple Font Formats Provided: After purchasing a license for this package, all versions will be available for download in a single ZIP file, with the manual located in the ReadMe file. The following font formats are included:
    • TrueType TTF fonts are supplied in PC and Mac format. The TTF fonts are OpenType with TrueType outlines and digital signatures; compatible with Mac OSX and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Pocket PC. Mac formatted MTT TrueType fonts are also provided.
    • OpenType OTF fonts with PostScript outlines are provided with digital signatures. These are compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and other systems supporting the OpenType format.
    • PostScript Type 1 fonts are supplied in binary, ASCII and Macintosh Classic MacBinary versions. Type 3 uncompressed ABS fonts are provided in ASCII format.
    • Also included in this package are PCL LaserJet soft fonts in 11.4, 12 and 12.6 points.
    • With a purchase of the Developer License or above, Web Fonts are included in WOFF, EOT and SVG formats to easily display barcodes in any web browser.
Home > Barcode Fonts > USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Font Package

Implementing USPS Barcode Symbologies

Barcoding with USPS Fonts

View Video Full Screen on YouTube

Several postal barcode implementation examples are provided with the Windows installation executable file included in the package. These examples may be helpful to assist with initial set up. Additionally, many of IDAutomation's Font Encoders that are royalty free include tutorials for the postal barcodes.

Download Postnet & Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts Demo Now Order Postnet & Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode Fonts

Obtaining Data to Encode

The first step in creating any USPS barcode is to obtain the data that is to be encoded. The links below will provide the information necessary to create a string of text that may be encoded in a function.

  • The IntelligentMail() function uses the IDAutomationIMB font to generate the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb). This barcode type combines Postnet zip code data and Planet tracking into one compact symbol. It is also referred to as the IMb Tracing Barcode, the 4-State Customer Barcode (4CB), OneCode Confirm and OneCode ACS.
  • The Code128() function uses the IDAutomationC128L font for the IM Container Barcode, Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb), IM Tray Labels and special services such as delivery confirmation.
  • The Postnet() function uses the IDAutomationPOSTNET font to encode the zip code and delivery point. The USPS uses Postnet barcodes to automate the delivery of mail, however, discounts for bulk mail printed with the Postnet barcode are no longer available.
Formatting Data to Fonts

After the data is in the proper format for the function, the text is passed to the function and the result is a text string that the font is then applied to, to produce a proper barcode symbol. The functions are available in many font encoders to automatically format data to the font. When a font encoder cannot be utilized, it is recommended to access a database that contains the text string already formatted for the font. The Word mail-merge example included in this package works in this manner; a merge field in Word is linked to a column in Excel that contains the text string formatted for the font.

Postal Barcode Printing and Font Size

After the data is formatted to the USPS font and the appropriate font has been selected, it will display and print properly. The font size of 12 points should be used when printing all Intelligent Mail, Postnet and Planet barcodes. FIM symbols should be printed with a font size of 36 points. The Code 128 font used for GS1-128 should be printed at 16 points for USPS Special Services. More information about the sizing of fonts is provided in the Font Specifications.

USPS Barcode Font Package Specifications

IDAutomation suggests printing USPS fonts at the recommended point sizes specified in this section. When TrueType, PostScript or OpenType fonts are used, the size may be further adjusted by changing the font point size. For example, to print the 12-point Postnet barcode font slightly wider, increase the font size to 12.1 points.

IMb, Postnet & Planet Font Specifications
Parameter Approximate Font Dimensions at 12 Points USPS Specification Tolerances
X Dimension (width of bars) .017" .015" - .025"
Width of space between bars .026" .012" - .040"
Full vertical size of Intelligent Mail .135" .125" - .165"
Vertical size of Intelligent Mail tracker .041" .039" - .057"
Height of Postnet short bar .051" .040" - .060"
Height of Postnet tall bar .126" .115" - .135"
Number of bars per inch  23  22 - 24
IDAutomationOCRa Specifications
Font Name Point Size CPI ANSI Size
IDAutomationOCRa 9 10 1
IDAutomationC128L Specifications
Parameter Approximate Font Dimensions at 16 pt USPS Dimension Standards
X Dimension .0135" .013" - .020"
Height of bars .75" .75" - .80"
Parameter Approximate Font Dimensions at 21 pt
X Dimension .017"
Height of bars  1"
Supported Implementations, Font Names and Compatible Functions
Implementation Font Name Font Encoder Function
IMB Barcode IDAutomationIMB
IDAutomationIMBn1 *
IntelligentMail(), OneCode()
or IDAutomation_Uni_OneCode()  **
Postnet Barcode IDAutomationPOSTNET
IDAutomationPOSTNETn1 *
Planet Barcode IDAutomationPLANET
IDAutomationPLANETn1 *
OCR-A Text IDAutomationOCRa na
Code 128 Barcode IDAutomationC128L Code128()
FIM Barcode IDAutomationFIM na

* Fonts ending with N1 or N2 signify different narrow intensities:

  • n1 is a narrow-version font that generates the smallest possible barcode allowed by the specification, which is 24 bars per inch and a narrow bar width of .015 inches.
  • n2 is an extra narrow-version font also produces 24 bars per inch but with the bars narrowed by an additional 10%. This font may be used with ink jet printers or others that print much darker than normal.

** Intelligent Mail barcode fonts are currently supported by Feature Level 7 or greater font encoder tools such as the Crystal Reports UFL, Microsoft VBA for Excel and Access and the Windows DLL. All OneCode() and IntelligentMail() encoding methods are identical and may be used interchangeably.

Intelligent Mail (IMb) barcodes may be created from IDAutomation's fonts and font encoder tools, as well as other encoders, such as the encoders provided by the US Postal Service. To accommodate both types of encoding, each 4-State symbol element is positioned at two character locations within the IDAutomationIMB font according to the following table:

4CB Symbol Element Character Locations
Ascender A, q
Descender D, r
Full Bar F, p
Tracker T, s

The USPS uses uppercase letters for encoding while IDAutomation font encoders use lower case letters. The lower case letters used provide complete compatibility with the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font, which allows generation of Intelligent Mail, Postnet and Planet, as well as Code 128, Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode symbols from a single font.

Home > Barcode Fonts > USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Font Package

Order USPS Intelligent Mail IMb Barcode Fonts

Download the Postnet & Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts After PurchaseAll orders include a complimentary 30-day Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription. Support and upgrades may be provided beyond 30 days with the purchase of a Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription that correlates with the original product ordered.

License Options (Select the appropriate link for details.)

  • The Developer License allows one (1) developer royalty-free distribution up to 10,000 user licenses. This license also includes additional tools and font encoders including:
    • Additional font encoders and source code including C++, Java, Oracle and .NET.
    • Web Fonts in WOFF, EOT and SVG formats.
    • Silent installer with setup source script.
  • The 5 Developer License grants the rights of the Developer License for up to five (5) developers and 20,000 user licenses.
  • The Unlimited Developer License grants the rights of the Developer License for an unlimited number of developers and an unlimited number of user licenses.
  • Highly discounted Small and Mid-Size Company Developer Licenses grant the rights of the Developer License to qualifying organizations.
  • The Site License allows unlimited use at a single site within a single organization, but disallows rights for development or distribution.
  • The Single User License allows use of the Software for one (1) user in your organization. However, if the Software is used in connection with a high speed printer that prints over 55 pages per minute or a system (including all hardware, printer and software) having a cost totaling over $50,000 USD or equivalent in a foreign currency, a Developer License is required. Multiple User Licenses are also available in various quantities.
  Single User License Small Company Developer License Developer License Developer License 5 Developer License Unlimited Developer License
USPS Intelligent Mail IMb Barcode Font Advantage $139 $395* $590 $790 $1580 $2370
Order USPS Intelligent Mail IMb Barcode Fonts Buy Support for USPS Intelligent Mail IMb Barcode Font Advantage

The silent install, Web Fonts, .NET encoder, C++ header file, C# file and Java Class Library source are included in a separate download file when purchasing a Developer License and above.Get a USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Font Price Quote

* The applicable Small or Mid-Size Company Agreement must be completed prior to purchase.

IDAutomation Accepts Discover, MasterCard, VISA and American Express offers secure, encrypted online ordering by credit card and immediate delivery via download after the order is approved. Other ordering options.

USPS, Intelligent Mail, IMb, IMpb, Planet Code, OneCode ACS, OneCode Confirm, OneCode Solution and OneCode Vision are trademarks of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

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