Download Aztec Barcode Fonts

The Aztec barcode is an area-efficient two-dimensional (2D) symbology that is capable of encoding large amounts of data including letters, numbers, text, and bytes of data including extended characters, Unicode characters and small photo images.

The evaluation version of this product will produce slightly larger-than-normal barcodes because of the text "DEMO [CR] [LF]" will be added to the beginning of any data encoded.

The purchased version is fully-functional and does not require license keys or activation. The evaluation version should be uninstalled before installing the purchased version.

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Multiple Encoders Provided

The feature chart below lists the encoders provided with the software packages.

Font Encoders: User Suite Developer Suite
Windows® COM DLL Window Compatible Window Compatible
Crystal Reports UFL Window Compatible Window Compatible
.NET DLL   Window Compatible
Java Class Library   Window Compatible Mac Compatible Linux Compatible
Graphic Encoders: User Suite Developer Suite
ActiveX Control Window Compatible Window Compatible
Signed ActiveX CAB File Window Compatible Window Compatible
.NET Forms Control   Window Compatible
ASP.NET Web Server Control   Window Compatible
Java Applet and Servlet   Window Compatible Mac Compatible Linux Compatible

* The .NET DLL, Java Class Library, .NET Forms Control, ASP.NET Web Server Control and Java Applet & Servlet encoders require a Developer License.

IDAutomation also provides the IDAutomation 2D USB Barcode Scanner, which may be used with this product.