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SSRS Barcode Generator User Manual | Tutorial

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This product package includes both a Native Barcode Generator (which is embedded in the report and runs natively) and a Script Barcode Generator (which streams barcodes into reports from a server). IDAutomation recommends using the Native Generator if possible. Below is a summary of each product:

Native Barcode Generator (Currently only available in Code 128, Code 39 and ITF and barcode types, others are in development)

Script Barcode Generator

Native Generator Installation

This SSRS Native Generator tutorial provides a walkthrough of steps for generating barcodes in Visual Studio .NET's Report Designer for Reporting Services.

  1. The native generator can only be installed into existing reports. If an existing report does not exist, refer to the Creating a Report tutorial.
  2. Select File - New - Project.
  3. To activate the Report menu in the VS .NET IDE, left-click on the body of the report. Select Report - Report Properties - Code.
    Select Report - Report Properties - Code
  4. Open the desired barcode type text file from the SSRS Barcode Generator download, such as IDAutomation SSRS Native - Code 128.txt.
  5. Copy the contents of the file and Paste the code into the Custom Code area of the Report Properties and choose OK.
    The Custom Code area of the Report Properties

  6. Right-click the field to convert and select Expression.
    The SSRS Expression
  7. Set the expression to include the barcode generation formula:
    replacing HeroID with the data that needs to be encoded in the barcode and select OK. To obtain the formula for other barcode types, refer to the example listed at the top of the associated .txt file.
    The barcode generation formula

  8. Select the field and set the font to Lucida Console at 4 points. This determines the X Dimension of the barcode. If is different X Dimension is needed, adjust the font point size accordingly from the chart below.
    NOTE: Ensure the report background is white and the font is black. If the Lucida Console font is not available, select another mono-spaced unicode font such as Courier New.

    Lucida Console font at 4 points

    Point Size

    Approximate X Dimension

    2 08 Mils (.02cm)
    3 12 Mils (.03cm)
    4 16 Mils (.04cm)
    5 20 Mils (.05cm)
    6 24 Mils (.06cm)
    7 28 Mils (.07cm)
    8 32 Mils (.08cm)

  9. Save the file and Preview the report.
    SSRS Report Preview with Native Barcode

  10. To deploy the solution to the Report Server, select Build - Deploy Solution. For guidance about how to set up deployment, refer to Microsoft's How to Set Deployment Properties article.

Native Parameters

Symbology Associated .rpt File Parameters (may be modified within the formula)
NOTE: The files names listed below are preceded with "IDAutomation SSRS Native - "
Code-39 Code 39.txt DataToEncode As String
BarHeight As Number
N_Dimension As Number
IncludeCheckDigit As Boolean
Code-128 Auto Code 128 Auto.txt DataToEncode As String
BarHeight As Number
ApplyTilde As Boolean
Code 128 A Code 128 A.txt DataToEncode As String
BarHeight As Number
Code 128 B Code 128 B.txt DataToEncode As String
BarHeight As Number
Code 128 C Code 128 C.txt DataToEncode As String
BarHeight As Number
Interleaved 2-of-5 Interleaved 2 of 5.txt DataToEncode As String
BarHeight As Number
N_Dimension As Number
IncludeCheckDigit As Boolean

Script Installation Tutorial

The SSRS Barcode Generator is a server-side script that adds barcode generation capability to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

  1. Download the product file and copy the script files to an ASPX-enabled webserver such as IIS. Each file contains the name of the supported barcode symbology.
  2. Open the URL to the file in a browser window and verify that a default barcode appears, this will be your unique SSRS Generator URL. If a symbol does not appear, verify the files are installed in the proper folder on the server and confirm that ASPX script processing is active in the folder where the file resides.
  3. Use the unique SSRS Generator URL obtained above with the applicable Report Designer or Report Builder Tutorials.

The script is also available as a service hosted in IDAutomation's fault tolerant server cloud. The service is an easy way to generate barcodes without installing any software.

Script Parameters

Refer to the SSRS Barcode Generator Service for all parameters; they are the same parameters used in this product.

Creating a Report with Reporting Services

The following tutorial is a basic example of a report that can be created with Reporting Services. For additional information and examples, refer the Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) Tutorial and related documentation.

  1. Select File - New - Project.
  2. In the Templates, select Business Intelligence - Reporting Services - Report Server Project Wizard.
    The Reporting Services Report Server Project Wizard
  3. Name the project and select OK.
  4. In the Select the Data Source window, select New data source, create a Name, set the Type of data source, and choose Edit.
  5. In the Connection Properties, select the Server name; log onto the server; select or attach the database, and select OK.
    SQL Server Connection Properties
  6. To verify the connection is successful, select Test Connection. The test results should display Test connection succeeded. Choose OK and Select Next.
  7. In the Design the Query, select Query Builder.
    The Query Builder
  8. Select the Add Table icon..
    The Add Table icon
  9. Choose the Table and click Add. Select Close.
    SSRS Table Selection Dialog
  10. Place a checkmark in the box in front of the fields to include on the report and select OK.

  11. Once the query string is set, select Next.
  12. Select the report type and choose Next.
  13. In the Design the Table window, move the Available fields to the Displayed fields text area by left-clicking the field and select Details > Next.
  14. Choose the table style for the report and select Next.
  15. Set the Report Server Version, Report Server, Deployment Folder, and choose Next.
  16. Create a name for the report and choose Finish to complete the wizard..
    SQL Report Name Result

Technical Support Issues

Forum Support for SSRS Barcode Generator
View the release log for the SSRS Native Generator
Native Generator Related Issues:

Additional Support Methods

Script Related Issues:
Barcode Image not Generating:
Forum Support for SSRS Barcode Generator
View the release log for the SSRS Native Generator

Open the System Status Site and verify the barcode generators and all operational. The service may be tested by accessing the barcode URL directly. For example, should create a default barcode image.

Slow Performance when Generating Multiple Barcodes:
If a large number of barcodes are generated from the same system at the same time, some latency may be noticed. If this is an issue, consider installing the SSRS Generator Script locally or on an Intranet. Performance over multiple clients should not be an issue. A performance test performed in 2017 shows an average response time of 33 ms for 2000 clients requesting barcodes during business hours.

The purchased version of this product does not contain a watermark. If it is desired to have a watermark in the purchased version, the demo portion of code may be edited to enable this feature with a text message. For example:
Const Demo as Boolean = True
Const DemoText as String = "My Message"

Additional Support:

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