Free Barcode Software Products

IDAutomation grants a free license for several barcode generation software products including QR Code Generators, Code 39 Barcode Fonts, Barcode Label Software, and others. For complete license details, review the free product section of the Software License Agreement.

Online Barcode CreatorFree Online Barcode Creator

Produces barcode images online that may be saved to a file or pasted into an application. 

2D versions are also available:
  Data Matrix | MaxiCode | PDF417 | QR Code

QR-Code 2D barcode

Free Online QR-Code Generators

Free Code 39 Barcode Font

An easy-to-use Code 39 font with TTF and OTF files included.

Barcode Label Design Application

Free Barcode Label Design Application

An easy-to-use WYSIWYG barcode label printing software application that prints Code 39 barcodes, text, and graphics. Features drop and drag functionality for optimal design capability. 

Free Scanner Decoder Software

Free Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder

Reveals hidden, non-printable ASCII characters and commands from keyboard emulation devices, such as USB Barcode Scanners.

It is useful in verifying commands such as FS, RS, GS, and EOT that are encoded in barcodes because they are not normally revealed when the barcode is scanned.

Free Barcode Data Decoder Verifier App

Scans barcodes to verify encoded data, decode and reveal hidden ASCII control characters, GS1 FNC1 AI codes, and view information about the encoding of the symbol.

  • Identifies common 1D & 2D barcode types and provides information about the symbol.
  • Parses encoded GS1 data to separate out each application identifier and element string.
  • Reveals ASCII functions that cannot be printed or viewed on the screen including the FS, RS, GS, CR, HT, LF, and EOT functions.
  • Provides recommendations about how to generate the symbol that was scanned.

IDAutomation grants a "free" license to the software products listed above for all organizations that qualify according to the Free License portion of the license agreement. A 30-day evaluation period is granted to organizations that do not qualify. IDAutomation also offers free fully functional evaluation versions of most software products.

Technical Support for the free software products is limited to online documentation, including the knowledgebase articles and support forum.