.NET Standard Barcode Generator User Manual

Integration and Code Examples:

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.NET Standard Overview


  • The .NET Standard Barcode Generator is sold as a separate component that primarily generates images and does not require the use of barcode fonts, however, basic TrueType barcode fonts are provided.
  • This product is also included as a font encoder in all Developer License Packages of the Universal Barcode FontGS1-128 Barcode Font, AztecData MatrixDotCodeMaxiCodePDF417, and QR-Code fonts. Although the packages are different, the process of encoding the data and creating the barcodes are the same.

.NET Standard Compatibility and Portability

This product was created to target .NET Standard 2.0, compatible with .NET 6, .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin, Unity, and Universal Windows Platform.

The .NET Portability Analyzer was used to verify 100% compatibility for .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core 2.0 in the assembly. The assembly was created directly from the C# source code file provided in the package. Both signed and unsigned versions of the DLL are included.

NOTE: Version 2021 and later of this product contain DLLs signed with SHA256 and strong names. Previous versions, including any demo versions, contain only MD5 signatures.

Dotnet Standard Portability Report Data Matrix Example

Source Code and Project Examples Included

Complete source code is provided in both C# and VB.NET. Xamarin Andriod and iOS project examples are included in all downloads of this product. Open one of these projects in Visual Studio to understand how the product works. The included examples were created with Visual Studio 2019.

Source code to a Windows application is provided in the BarcodeGenerationExample C#.NET.zip file of this product that demonstrates the basic functionality of generating various types of images. The "bin" folder within this file contains a Windows executable file. Refer to the source code or the Integration and Code Example links above for more information about how to generate the various types of images.
.NET Standard Source Code to a Windows example application is provided


For testing purposes, IDAutomation offers the Barcode Decoder Verification App. This app is particularly useful in verifying lower ASCII codes, GS1 data, and UTF-8 Unicode encoding.

Free product support may be obtained by reviewing resolved .NET Public Forum Threads.
Level 2 Priority Support is provided up to 30 days after purchase. Additional Priority Support may be obtained if the Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription is active.

To resolve most issues, refer to the Xamarin and Barcode Generation examples provided in the download package for actual working examples and use a process of elimination to find the solution.

NOTE: Portions of this product utilize IDAutomation USA Patent 7,637,436.