In many applications, the complete implementation of a barcode font requires an encoder or font tool. When the encoder or tool cannot be utilized, several other options are available. This document explores these options and provides possible solutions.

Font Solutions

In the event a font tool or encoder cannot be utilized, the following may offer a solution that allows the use of the font:

  1. Populate a database, (or another source such as an Excel, XML, or CSV file) with the text output from an encoder or font tool that can be easily utilized, such as the VBA Macros in Excel. After the data is converted, access the transformed text from the target system and apply the font.
  2. Obtain the source code and incorporate the encoder in an application directly. Source code is provided free with many font packages and others may require an additional license. In many cases, the source code may be easily converted to other programming languages. If the source code is converted into another language, contact IDAutomation. If a copy of the new source code and instructions are provided to IDAutomation so that other customers can utilize it, a discount for the license or free priority support may be provided.

Other Solutions

The following may offer other solutions that do not use fonts:
  1. Employ one of IDAutomation's barcode components instead of a font. Components are available for several operating systems and reporting packages including Crystal Reports, Oracle, Java, and Linux.
  2. If the application has the ability to request an image from a dynamic URL, implement IDAutomation's Dynamic Barcode Generator Service, which returns a barcode image to the requesting application. IDAutomation also offers a Free Barcode Generator Service to individuals, small companies, and non-profit organizations.

Additional Information

Font encoders are usually implemented to support the following types of fonts: