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.NET Barcode Font Encoder Assembly & DLL

The IDAutomation .NET Font Encoder Assembly & DLL is a font encoder that formats text for IDAutomation barcode fonts in Microsoft .NET Framework. This encoder supports traditional linear barcode fonts, postal barcode fonts and the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font, and is free to use with the purchase of an IDAutomation barcode font package.

New functionality in this encoder allows Human Readable text and GS1-128 AI generation with the Code 128 Font
GS1-128 Barcode Generated with the .NET Barcode Font Encoder Assembly & DLL Tool

.NET Barcode Font Encoder Index

Download the .NET Font Encoder Assembly & DLL Tool

This .NET barcode font encoder includes an ASP.NET sample application, which is also used in the Online Barcode Font Encoder Tool. To use this application in Visual Studio, it must be extracted into the fontencoder folder under Inetpub\wwwroot.

Download the IDAutomation .NET Barcode Font Encoder

This tool is excellent for creating barcodes from fonts in .NET applications, although there is a variety of other products available for barcode generation in .NET environments such as the ASP.NET Barcode Web Component, the Barcode Server for IIS or .NET Forms Barcode Controls.

Installation and Tutorial

These steps outline the process for setting up an environment for using the .NET Barcode Font Encoder Assembly & DLL Tool:

  1. Copy the IDAutomation.NetAssembly.dll to the project directory. When using Visual Studio, do not copy the file to the bin directory because the file will be automatically copied there when the project is compiled. Additional DLLs are provided for Intelligent Mail, Universal and DataBar encoders.
  2. Create a reference to the assembly. In Visual Studio .NET, this is done with Solution Explorer. If Solution Explorer is not visible, click View | Solution Explorer. Right-click References in Solution Explorer and choose Add Reference. On the Add Reference dialog click Browse, select IDAutomation.NetAssembly.dll and click Open. Click OK on the Add Reference dialog. Additional references must also be created to use Intelligent Mail, Universal or DataBar encoders.
  3. In the project, create an object of the class.

    Linear Example:
    Dim FontEncoder As New IDAutomation.NetAssembly.FontEncoder
    Use the following code for other encoders:

    Universal Example:
    Dim UniversalFontEncoder As New IDAutomation.NetAssembly.UniversalFontEncoder
    IntelligentMail Example:
    Dim IntelligentMail As New IDAutomation.IntelligentMail.IntelligentMail
    DataBar Example:
    Dim DataBar As New IDAutomation.DataBar.DataBar
  4. Format the Data to the Font:

    Linear Example:
    txtEncodedText.Text = FontEncoder.Code128(txtDataToEncode.Text)
    Examples for other encoders:

    Universal Example:
    txtEncodedText.Text = UniversalFontEncoder.IDAutomation_Uni_C128(txtDataToEncode.Text)
    IntelligentMail Example:
    txtEncodedText.Text = IntelligentMail.FontEncode(txtDataToEncode.Text)
    DataBar Example:
    txtEncodedText.Text = DataBar.IDAutomation_DataBar_DataBarStackedOmniDirectional(txtDataToEncode.Text)
  5. After the text is formatted to the font, print or display the text with the appropriate barcode font selected.
  6. If necessary, the results can be tested with the online font encoder, which uses the same DLLs that are provided in this download.

.NET Font Assembly & DLL Methods and Properties

The methods listed below are available in the IDAutomation.NetAssembly.dll file unless otherwise indicated, and are valid only when used with the font listed in the Font to Use column. All parameters are optional except DataToEncode.

Methods beginning with IDAutomation_Uni_ may only be used with the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font Advantage Package.

Methods for Linear Barcode Fonts
Barcode Type Methods and Notes
(View Method Descriptions for more information)
Font to Use
Code 11 Code11 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationC11
Code 128 (Auto Mode) Code128 (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType, ApplyTilde)
Human Readable text may be created in the font with C128 ReturnType = 6.
Example: Code128("123456789012", 6, 1)
Code 128 (Manual Mode) Consider using Auto Mode for most situations.
Code128a (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType)
Code128b (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType))
Code128c (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType))
Code 39 Code39 (DataToEncode)
Code39Mod43 (DataToEncode, ReturnType)
Code 93 Code93 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationC93
Codabar Codabar (DataToEncode) IDAutomationCB
EAN-13 EAN13 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
EAN-8 EAN8 (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
GS1-128 Code128 (DataToEncode, C128 ReturnType, ApplyTilde)
GS1-128 is enabled in Code 128 Auto by setting ApplyTilde to True. Human Readable AIs may be created by setting the C128 ReturnType to 6.
Example: Code128("(12)3456789012", 6, 1)
Interleaved 2 of 5 I2of5 (DataToEncode)
I2of5Mod10 (DataToEncode, ReturnType))
MSI Plessey MSI (DataToEncode, ReturnType) IDAutomationMSI
RM4SCC RM4SCC (DataToEncode) IDAutomationRM
UPC-A UPCa (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
UPC-E UPCe (DataToEncode) IDAutomationUPCEAN
USPS IntelligentMail FontEncode (DataToEncode)
This method is provided in dautomation.intelligentmail.dll
Namespace: IDAutomation.IntelligentMail; Constructor: IntelligentMail(). Code example:
Dim USPSBarcode as IDAutomation.IntelligentMail.IntelligentMail
ReturnString = USPSBarcode.FontEncode (DataToEncode)
or IDAutomationIMB
or IDAutomation_Uni
USPS Postnet Postnet (DataToEncode, ReturnType) IDAutomationPOSTNET
USPS Planet Planet (DataToEncode, ReturnType) IDAutomationPOSTNET
Not Applicable MOD10 (DataToEncode) Not Applicable
Not Applicable SpliceText (DataToEncode, SpacingNumber, ApplyTilde) Not Applicable
Methods for the Universal Barcode Font
The methods listed below are preceded with IDAutomation_Uni_ and are only to be used with the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font Advantage™. Namespace: IDAutomation.NetAssembly; Constructor: UniversalFontEncoder
Barcode Type Methods and Notes
(View Method Descriptions for more information)
Font to Use
Code 128 C128 (DataToEncode, ApplyTilde)
NOTE: Code128() is the recommended method to use. Code128() is also used to create GS1-128.
C128A (DataToEncode)
C128B (DataToEncode)
C128C (DataToEncode)
Not Applicable C128HR (DataToEncode, ApplyTilde)
This method returns text for Code 128 barcodes, such as with GS1-128.
Text Font
Code 39 C39 (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
Codabar Codabar (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, StartChar, StopChar) IDAutomation_Uni
Interleaved 2 of 5 I2of5 (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
MS Plessey MSI (DataToEncode, N_Dimension, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
USPS IntelligentMail FontEncode (DataToEncode)
This method is provided in idautomation.intelligentmail.dll
Namespace: IDAutomation.IntelligentMail;
Constructor: IntelligentMail
Code example:
Dim USPSBarcode as IDAutomation.IntelligentMail.IntelligentMail
ReturnString = USPSBarcode.FontEncode (DataToEncode)
USPS Postnet Postnet (DataToEncode, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
USPS Planet Planet (DataToEncode, IncludeCheckDigit) IDAutomation_Uni
Methods for the DataBar Barcode Font
The methods listed below are preceded with IDAutomation_DataBar_ and are only to be used with the IDAutomation GS1 DataBar Font. Namespace: IDAutomation.DataBar; Constructor: DataBar
Barcode Type Method(s) & Notes Font to use
DataBar DataBar (DataToEncode) IDAutomation DataBar 34
DataBar Expanded DataBarExpanded (DataToEncode, 22) IDAutomation DataBar 34
DataBar Exp. Stacked DataBarExpanded (DataToEncode, Segments) IDAutomation DataBar 34
DataBar Limited DataBarLimited (DataToEncode) IDAutomation DataBar 13
DataBar Stacked DataBarStacked (DataToEncode) IDAutomation DataBar 13
DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional DataBarStackedOmniDirectional (DataToEncode) IDAutomation DataBar 34
DataBar Truncated DataBar (DataToEncode) IDAutomation DataBar 13
Function Part Descriptions

Creating .NET Barcodes with Other Products

In addition to this product, IDAutomation offers a few other options that create barcode images in .NET without the use of fonts:

.NET Barcode Font Encoder Assembly & DLL Support

Free product support is available by reviewing the font problems and solutions information that IDAutomation has documented and by searching resolved public forum threads.

Pre-sales and existing customer support is available by contacting IDAutomation, and additional technical support may be attained with the purchase of the one year Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription.

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